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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shaun Cassidy ...on CD.

(An independent continuation of the earlier blog, Shaun Cassidy ...on Record)
Well, the verdict is in...
Disappointingly, all six CD's are cheaply made so-called "semi-CDR's".  On top of that, no bonus material; session outtakes, demos, unissued live version and the like.
In fact, as each album is no longer than 35 minutes, there's plenty room to release those as three "two-fers" (two albums on 1 CD) instead of six whole CD's.  Approx. 80 minutes of music fits onto 1 CD.
Rip-off, then?  Well, sort of.  But beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.
It's good to have all the albums finally out on CD and there does seem to have been some sort of sound-restoration (remastering, I guess) done in the process, although the sound level is unusually low for CD's - or "semi-CDR's" - made in 2012.
Next up then, a proposed proper "Best of" Shaun Cassidy, to replace that inadequate and incomplete "Greatest Hits" from 20 years ago? 

Da Doo Ron Ron 2:49 From Shaun Cassidy ('77)
Morning Girl 2:37 From Shaun Cassidy ('77)
It's Too Late 2:44 From Shaun Cassidy ('77)
That's Rock 'N' Roll 2:54 From Shaun Cassidy ('77)
Holiday 3:07 From Shaun Cassidy ('77)
Teen Dream 2:37 From Born Late ('77)
Do You Believe In Magic 2:20 From Born Late ('77)
It's Up To You 2:27 From Born Late ('77)
Hey Deanie 3:42 From Born Late ('77)
A Girl Like You 2:58 From Born Late ('77)
Walk Away 3:15 From Born Late ('77)
Carolina's Comin' Home 2:29 From Born Late ('77)
Hard Love 3:44 From Under Wraps ('78)
Taxi Dancer 3:02 From Under Wraps ('78)
It's Like Heaven 3:11 From Under Wraps ('78)
Our Night 4:14 From Under Wraps ('78)
Fallin' Into You 4:43 From Room Service ('79)
Time For A Change 3:20 From Room Service ('79)
Are You Afraid Of Me? 3:55 From Room Service ('79)
Break For The Street 4:28 From Room Service ('79)
Cool Fire 4:21 From Wasp ('80)
The Book I Read 3:40 From Wasp ('80)
So Sad About Us 3:08 From Wasp ('80)
One Bitten, Twice Shy 4:12 From Wasp ('80)      
All the (obvious) hits, some self-penned stuff ("Teen Dream", "It's Up to You", "Taxi Dancer", "Break for the Street", "Cool Fire" -  Arguably, Shaun was/is? a better songwriter than his big bro, with all due respect) as well as all those excellent almost-obscure covers ("It's Too Late", "Carolina's Coming Home", "It's Like Heaven") - they're all there.  Mike Curb, again I appeal to you...



    You forgot one. :)

    1. Thanks a lot for this info Mary. I had no idea this song even existed. I have added it to the Shaun discography in my other post about the man and his music.