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Sunday, March 15, 2015


A couple of years back, when I first wrote about '70s Teen Pop band Child on these pages, I wasn't entirely sure whether brothers Tim & Keith Atack, in their post Child venture Atack, ever recorded a full album as such.  Only known to me at the time were the duo's two single releases "Don't You Believe in Magic" (1981) and "Don't Wind Me Up" (1982).

However, thanks to '70s Teenpop friend Chus, it has now been confirmed that there was indeed a full Atack album issued in 1982.  Tracklisting is as follows:

Side A
Don't Wind Me Up
Time Slipped Away
Maybe I've Been Foolin'
Take 'em Back
Girl it's You
I'm in Danger

Side B
If Only I Could Find A Way
Don't You Believe in Magic
Why Can't We Talk It Over?
Don't Let The World Run Out of Love
We've Come To Know

Scans of both the cover (above) and back cover (below) also come from Chus.  Many thanks, Chus!

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  1. I wonder how many people incorrectly called the duo "Attack" instead of "Atack"? :-)