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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bobby Sherman - Easy Come, Easy Go...

Poor old Bobby Sherman.  People are being hard on him these days.  Way too hard if you ask moi.  Quoting at least one comment made about the man on the almighty world wide web, he apparently is/was the "Poor man's Davidy Cassidy".  Dear, oh dear.
But to be absolutely fair to the guy, he enjoyed a handful of memorable hits in the late '60s/early '70s, was a regular presence on our T.V. screens, and, as a result, became a bona-fide Teen Pop idol to be reckoned with.

As much as an actor as a singer (He guest-starred on The Monkees' T.V. show in the late '60s), Bobby Sherman's both main talents were equally utilized on the T.V. series "Here Come the Brides" (The title track "Seattle" was sung by Bobby), co-starring another actor/singer David Soul, who later in the '70s found further fame in "Starsky and Hutch", as well as with a parallel, lucrative singing career ("Don't Give Up on Us", "Silver Lady", "Let's Have a Quiet Night in").
Bobby Sherman's fortunes were furthered with a #3 U.S. hit "Little Woman" in 1969.

However, a couple of his best remembered and more enduring hits came in 1970: "Julie Do Ya Love Me" (U.S. #5) and "Easy Come, Easy Go" (U.S. #9).

But Bobby Sherman's star was already rapidly diminishing.  The aforementioned David Cassidy, not to mention the Osmonds and/or the Jackson Five, appeared on the scene and somewhat stole Bobby's thunder.  Ironically, Bobby guest-starred on Cassidy's the Partridge Family T.V. show and was even cast as a lead in a short-lived spin-off from that very show, "Getting Together".  David Cassidy, in his autobiography a couple of decades later, perhaps also unwittingly commenting on his own teen idol demise, described Bobby by that time as merely "Sad".
So, understandably perhaps, singing took a back seat to acting in Bobby Sherman's life over the next few years.  However, in the mid '70s he apparently found his true calling as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the Los Angeles police department, which is, as far as I know, a position he has held ever since.  But ever so often he has part-taken in the odd teen idols type package tour as well as appeared on the T.V. talk show circuit of the Oprah/Rosie O'Donnell variety.
Recommended listening: "The Very Best of" Bobby Sherman (1991 Restless Records/Bobby Sherman Enterprises)

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