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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bay City Rollers - The Japanese L.P. Discography 1975-1985

 "Once Upon A Star"
(CBS/Sony, August 1975)
Cat.# BLPO-20-AR.
Exactly the same as its original European namesake, this served as the Rollers' debut Japanese LP release.
(CBS/Sony, November 1975)
Cat.# BLPO-25-AR.

Again, just like the European original. Rumors of Rollermania now spreading to the East - not to mention "Saturday Night" becoming such a big hit Stateside - the Japanese couldn't catch up with the rest of the world fast enough, and soon, seeing since CBS' licensing deal was running out as well, there'd be a 'new' Rollers album out twice a month!


"Bay City Rollers"
(CBS/Sony, December 1975)
Cat.# BLPO-26-AR.

1.     Bye Bye Baby
2.     Give A Little Love
3.     Marlina
4.    Let's Go
5.     Be My Baby
6.     Summer Love Sensation
7.     Remember (Martin/Coulter)
8.     Saturday Night
9.     My Teenage Heart
10.   All Of Me Loves All Of You
11.  Keep On Dancing

The modified Japanese version of the American "Bay City Rollers" (Arista 4049) album. It's just the same in all aspects, except for that slightly different (better?) sleeve design, plus that here "All Of Me Loves All Of You" is included as a bonus track.

"Souvenirs Of Youth"
(CBS/Sony, December 1975)
Cat.# BLPI-1-2-AP.

1.     Keep On Dancing *
(Here credited to: Jones/Love/Shann)
2.     Alright *
3.     We Can Make Music *
4.    Jenny *
5.     Manana **
6.     Because I Love You **
(Nobby Clark)
7.     Saturday Night ***
8.     Hey! C.B. ***
9.     Remember (Sha La La) ***
10.  Bye Bye Barbara ***
11.  Shang-A-Lang ***
12.  Are You Ready For That Rock & Roll ***
13.  Summer Love Sensation ***
14.  Bringing Back The Good Times ***
15.  All Of Me Loves All Of You ***
16.  The Bump ***
17.  Bye Bye Baby ****
18.  It's For You ****
19.  Give A Little Love ****
20.  She'll Be Crying Over You ****
21.  Keep On Dancing ****
(Here credited to: Young)
22.  The Disco Kid****
23.  Angel Baby ****
24.  My Teenage Heart ****

Various line-ups 1971 - 1975.
Produced by:
* Jonathan King.
** Alan Blaikley & Ken Howard.
*** Bill Martin & Phil Coulter.
**** Phil Wainman.

A Japan-only double album set.
All the early European single sides (A's & B's) in their original versions.
However, instead of Nobby Clark's sung original of "Remember", we get Les McKeown's voice on it, which was the "Rollin'" album version of "Remember" - not the single one.
Track 1 is the original 1971 single version of "Keep On Dancing", while track 21 is the 1975 re-recording thereof.
Here, both "Give A Little Love" and "Saturday Night" are - rightly - the original single versions.
This album was later re-released, slightly modified and updated, as "Early Collection" - another Japan-only double album release (see below).
"Wouldn't You Like it"
    (Toshiba/EMI, March 1976)
Cat.# IES-80450.


1.  I Only Wanna Dance With You
2.  Don't Stop The Music

3.  Shanghai'd In Love

4.  Love Is...

5.  Maybe I'm A Fool To Love You

6.  Too Young To Rock & Roll

7.  Saturday Night

8.  Give A Little Love

9.  Wouldn't You Like It

10. Here Comes That Feeling Again

11. Lovely To See You

12. Eagles Fly

13. Derek's End Piece


Alan, Eric, Derek, Les, Woody.

Produced by Phil Wainman, except "Sat.Night" -
by Bill Martin & Phil Coulter.

Toshiba/EMI's first Rollers LP release, this curio's just the same as the original European issue with one notable exception: the then current hit "Saturday Night" being attached to the end of Side A for obvious commercial advantages. 

(Toshiba/EMI, April 1976)
Cat.# IES-80480.
A Toshiba/EMI re-issue.

  "Once Upon A Star"
(Toshiba/EMI, April 1976)
Cat.# IES-80481.


And another To-EMI re-issue.




"Rock And Roll Love Letter"

  "Rollers Collection"
(Toshiba/EMI, August 1976)
Cat.# IES-80602.


1.   Rock And Roll Love Letter

2.  Give A Little Love

3.  Shang-A-Lang

4.  I Only Wanna Dance With You

5.  Angel Baby

6.  Summer Love Sensation

7.  Money Honey

8.  Saturday Night

9.    Love Me Like I Love You

10.  Teenage Heart

11.  Keep On Dancing

12.  Remember (Sha La La La)

13.  All Of Me Loves All Of You

14.  Bye Bye Baby


A couple of line-ups 1974-76.

Producers: Various.

Same song selection; same sleeve design; same cat. #, - different English title.

Japanese (sub) title of both: "New Best".
    All too eager to capitalize on the Rollers' new found Japanese success - not to mention the pressing importance of introducing the band's new line-up, now including Ian Mitchell - Toshiba/EMI first released this well-meaning 14 track, Japan-only compilation under the title "Rock And Roll Love Letter", unbelievably enough not realizing that there was already an American album (Arista 4071) of that name out there! A classic example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand had already done, the error was quickly caught, though, by some sharp staff member or another, and the album (same sleeve, same songs, same cat.# - different title!) was swiftly re-issued as "Rollers Collection". Trouble was, though, that a BUNCH of the "Rock And Roll Love Letter" title had already been distributed and sold! Hence we have this curio - or should we say these curios.
Interestingly enough, in all Toshiba/EMI discographies thereafter this album is always just referred to as "Rollers Collection", and to the best of my knowledge, absolutely no mention has ever been made on the company's behalf of this 'brilliant' blunder.
One thing is sure, though: life - and, indeed, collecting the Rollers - wouldn't have been as much fun without this 'little' incident...
Toshiba/EMI - we sallute you!

(Toshiba/EMI, October 1976)
Cat.# IES-80646.

Same as the U.S. issue of the album, including "I Only Want To Be With You" and "Are You Cuckoo?", as opposed to the European version which contained "Money Honey" and Rock & Roll Love Letter" instead.

Some early pressings came with a free copy of the "Tartan Interview Sheet" 7" flexi disc (Cat. # BRP-1).

And a 1983 Japanese LP re-issue in Toshiba/EMI's 'Love And Emotion - The Sound Of The '70s' series.

 "It's A Game"
(Toshiba/EMI, July 1977)
Cat.# IES-80850.

1.  It's A Game
2.   You Made Me Believe In Magic
3.  Don't Let The Music Die
4.  Love Power
5.  The Way I Feel Tonight
6.    The Pie
7.    Love Fever
8.   Sweet Virginia
9.   Inside A Broken Dream
10.  Dance, Dance, Dance
11.  Rebel Rebel

Eric, Derek, Les, Woody.
Produced by Harry Maslin.

Yet another interseting and collectable Japanese curio.
Here we have "The Pie" (also known as "When I Say I Love You") attached onto the end of Side A as a Japan-only bonus track.
It wasn't until with 1978's "Strangers In The Wind" album that the rest of the world was given the opportunity to sample "The Pie".

"Promo Sampler"

 (Toshiba/EMI, 1977)
Cat. # PRP-8082
1.  You Made Me Believe in Magic.
2.  It's a Game.
3.  Don't Let The Music Die.
4.  Dedication.
5.  Rock And Roller.
6.  Yesterday's Hero.
7.  I Only Want to be With You.
8.  Love Me Like I Love You.
9.  Rock And Roll Love Letter.
10.  Money Honey.
11.  Saturday Night.
12.  My Teenage Heart.
13.  Give a Little Love.
14.  Bye Bye Baby.
15.  Summerlove Sensation.
16.  Shang-A-Lang.
17.  Remember.
18.  Keep on Dancing.
19.  It's a Game.
20.  You Made Me Believe in Magic.

 "Greatest Hits"
(Toshiba/EMI, December 1977)
Cat.# IES-80950.

1.  I Only Want To Be With You
2.  Money Honey
3.  Rock & Roll Love Letter
4.  The Way I Feel Tonight
5.  Yesterday's Hero
6.  It's A Game
7.  Rock 'N' Roller
8.  Dedication
9.  You Made Me Believe In Magic
10. Don't Let The Music Die
11. Don't Stop The Music
12. Staturday Night

Various line-ups 1974 - 1977.
Producers: Various.

While modelled after the U.S. issue of the album, "It's A Game", "Rock 'N Roller" and "Don't Let The Music Die" - none of which was included on the U.S. version - were added, though, as bonus tracks, while "Maybe I'm A Fool To Love You" - which was on the U.S. issue - was left out of the Japanese one.
Same sorta sleeve, tho'.

    "Early Collection"

(Toshiba/EMI, February 1978)
Cat.# IES-50011-12.


1.   Keep On Dancing

2.  Alright

3.   We Can Make Music

4.   Jenny

5.   Manana

6.   Because I Love You

7.   Saturday Night

8.   Hey! C.B.

9.   Remember

10. Bye Bye Barbara

11. Shang-A-Lang

12. Are You Ready For That Rock & Roll

13. Summerlove Sensation

14. Bringing Back The Good Times

15. All Of Me Loves All Of You

16. The Bump

17. Bye Bye Baby

18. It's For You

19. Maryanne (Faulkner/Wood). Produced by Phil Wainman

20. Give A Little Love
(LP vers. w/strings)

21. She'll Be Crying Over You

22. Keep On Dancing
(1975 version)

23. The Disco Kid

24. Angel Baby

25. My Teenage Heart

26. Mama Li (Faulkner/Wood). Produced by Muff Winwood.


Various line-ups 1971 - 1976.

Producers: Various.


As said earlier, this is a slightly updated ("Maryanne", "Mama Li") and modified ("Remember" for the better, "Give A Little Love" for the worse) Japan-only, double album re-issue of "Souvenirs Of Youth", from 1975.
 "Strangers In The Wind"
(Toshiba/EMI, September 1978)
Cat.# IES-81125.

The first Bay City Rollers record to be issued the same - and at the same time - the world over.

    "Greatest Story"
    (Nippon Phonogram, March 1979)
Cat.# 25RS-6.


1.   Shang-A-Lang

2.   Saturday Night

3.   Summerlove Sensation

4.   Bye Bye Baby

5.   My Teenage Heart

6.   Don't Stop The Music

7.   Rock And Roll Love Letter

8.   Money Honey

9.   Love Me Like I Love You

10. I Only Want To Be With You

11. Dedication

12. It's A Game

13. You Made Me Believe In Magic

14. Don't Let The Music Die

15. Another Rainy Day In New York City

16. Where Will I Be Now


Various line-ups 1974 - 1978.

Producers: Various.


First Rollers release from Nippon Phonogram.
The label (sticker) and many discographies call this one "The Story Of B.C.R.", although the 'tin' obviously says otherwise.



    As The Rollers.
(Nippon Phonogram, September 1979)
Cat.# 25RS-25.

Exact same song selection as the U.S./Euro versions, but in a completely different cover containig that incredibly dorky band image on a wet T-shirt (?!?!) background, years before Bon Jovi came up with the same concept on their "Slippery When Wet" LP.
Must've been the 'masterminds' at Nippon Phonogram who just couldn't bear the thought of a teenybopper band 'growing up' - one way or another, their pic had to 'grace' the cover.
The Rollers.
(Nippon Phonogram, June 1980)
Cat.# 25RS-84.
In every aspect, exactly the same as the German issue.
Japanese (sub)title: "The Hero".
Only released in Japan and Germany.

Thank you Peter Stern, for the "proper plug" photoshopping ;-)

Last album as The Rollers.
(CBS/Sony, July 1981)
Cat.# 25AP-1996.

Same as it was elsewhere.

"...And Forever"
(Nippon Phonogram, August 1982)
Cat.# 18RS-54-5.


1.  Bye Bye Baby
2.  Shang-A-Lang
3.  Summerlove Sensation
4.  My Teenage Heart
5.  Angel Baby
6.  Remember
7.  Saturday Night
8.  Money Honey
9.  Rock 'N' Roller
10. I Only Want To Be With You
11. Rock 'N' Roll Love Letter
12. Turn On The Radio
13. It's A Game
14. You Made Me Believe In Magic
15. Maybe I'm A Fool To Love You
16. The Way I Feel Tonight
17. Where Will I Be Now
18. Another Rainy Day In New York City
19. Dedication
20. Love Me Like I Love You
21. Give A Little Love
22. Yesterday's Hero
23. You're A Woman
24. Don't Let The Music Die

Various line-ups 1974 - 1979.
Producers: Various.


This double, Japan-only album was clearly issued to capitalize on the Bay City Rollers' reunion concerts at the Budokan in the summer of '82.
"Summerlove Sensation" is in its American 'violin version', while "Dedication" and "Saturday Night" are in their respective Les McKeown-sung single versions; "Remember" is with Les' lead vocals, and "Yesterday's Hero" is in its full-length, original album version.

    "Live In Japan"
(Teichiku/Overseas Records, September 1983)
Cat.# UPS-675-6-V.


1.  Shang-A-Lang

2.  Summerlove Sensation

3.  Remember (Sha La La)

4.  Bye Bye Baby

5.  Give A Little Love

6.  Money Honey

7.  Rock And Roll Honeymoon

8.  Rock 'N' Roller

9.  Lonely Nites (P.Carmen/A.Blakley)

10. Dedication

11. I Only Want To Be With You

12. Let's Have A Party

13. See The Way You Dance (Funky Music)

14. It's A Game

15. The Way I Feel Tonight

16. You Made Me Believe In Magic

17. Shanghai'd In Love

18. You're A Woman

19. Thinking Of You
(Leslie McKeown)

20. The Jig

21. Long Distance Love
(L.McKeown/Scobie Ryder)

22. Turn On The Radio

23. No Doubt About It

24. Underground

25. I Remember

26. Piece Of The Action
(Andy Hill)

27. Rock And Roll Love Letter

28. Don't Let The Music Die

29. Saturday Night


Ian Mitchell (Guitar, vocals); Derek Longmuir (Drums); Alan Longmuir (Guitar, bass, keyboards); Leslie McKeown (Vocals); Pat McGlynn (Guitar, vocals); Stuart "Woody" Wood (Bass, guitar, keyboards); Eric Faulkner (Guitar, vocals, violin)

Produced by Bay City Rollers.

Recorded live at the Budokan during the band's "Rollers Carnival" shows there in mid-July 1983.

A Japan-only, double-album release..



    (Polydor K.K., July 1985)
cat.# L28P-1218.


1.   Breakout
(Leslie & Pat)

2.   Heartbreaker

3.   Groovy
(Leslie, Woody & Pat)

4.   Make My Body Work

5.   When You Find Out
(Leslie & Pat)

6.   Lost Without You (No Freedom)
(Leslie & Pat)

7.   I Know (I'm The Man For You)
(Leslie & Pat)

8.   That's The Way
Leslie & Pat

9.   Could This Be Love
(Eric & Janine (Andrews))

10. Emotion


Leslie McKeown, Eric Faulkner, Stuart "Woody" Wood, Derek Longmuir, Alan Longmuir, Pat McGlynn, Ian Mitchell.

Produced by Bay City Rollers


Only released in Japan and Australia - the Aussie issue was very different, though, with two songs bearing different titles and "The Whip" (merely a single B-Side in Japan) replacing "Heartbreaker" on the album.

Done with absolutely no involvement of Derek Longmuir (who had actually left the band two years earlier, after the summer '83 shows at Budokan which yielded the "Live In Japan" album) and Alan Longmuir (who officially though didn't leave the band until a month or two after the release of "Breakout"), and with - at best - little involvement of all the others, safe for Pat & Les, who made it mostly with the aid of session musicians, this is an oddity to say the least.

One George Spencer had long since taken Derek's place behind the drums, yet his face was blocked out in the cover pic by a toy car!! But the Australians had no qualms whatsoever about showing his face.

The actual lyrics to "Lost Without You" are completely different to those appearing on the accompanying lyric sheet. On record, it appears to be a 'protest' song (certainly a first & only for a Rollers record, if 1979's "Instant Relay" is excluded) referring to Maggie (Thatcher, I gather) and Ronnie (Reagan, inevitably) and a history which is waiting, while on paper it's just another silly love song.
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